Shiva Sharma Bastola

Shiva Sharma Bastola

Public Unity Youth Society (PUYS)
Khurkot, NepalGlobal citizen
Education: Undergraduate
Bio: I am shiva sharma bastola from Nepal.I am related to non-profit organization " Public Unity Youth Society (PUYS), having registered at Registered No. 553/060/061 at District Administration Office of Parbat District established dated on 2060/05/30 BS (16/09/2003 AD), it is working for the welfare of society, this Public Unity Youth Society (PUYS), having received the permission from Society Welfare Council by getting registered it at Registered No. 24973 dated on 2065/01/31 BS (13/05/2008 AD) pursuant to Section 13 of Society Welfare Act, 2049 BS (1992 AD) at the central office of Society Welfare Council, Kathmandu, Nepal and this Public Unity Youth Society (PUYS) which has been resolving the disorder of existing human society, anomaly and other problems of the society and it has been working as Civil Society for last ten years as its role of keeping the main intention of Change of Society, Change of Area, Change of Country including the activities of the country. And today's days this institute shall have the role by keeping in the mind of negative changes of ongoing of the creation of the world like Global Warming, Shortage of Fuel, Climate Change and other cases too. Similarly, initial which can be possible by the members on behalf of this institute and our contribution shall be world-wide not merely in one country alone. We would like voice that the world is our home, it our pride to live in brotherhood by living peacefully on it. At the past days, we have worked in the various fields. By realizing the changes took place in the society from the acts done in the regional level, now, we would like to promise to work for backward people, backward society and backward country. This decision was made under the Chairmanship of Mr. Shiva Sharma Bastola in the occasion of 9th Annual Day dated on 2069/5/29 BS (14/09/2012 AD). Chairman - Shiva Sharma Bastola
Resume file: puys_eng_3.docx

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