TallyFox Social Technologies AG

About TallyFox Social Technologies AG: Headquartered in Zurich-Switzerland, TallyFox provides secure cloud-hosted collaboration solutions. TallyFox’s integrated solutions include conference communities & event management systems (EventFox), online branded workspaces for communities (Clusters), and a Knowledge Network platform. TallyFox's vision is to leverage human potential by providing an online platform that facilitates knowledge exchange and cooperative work. For selected sectors, TallyFox builds, owns, and operates Knowledge Networks such as The Water Network, which was launched in 2010, and currently includes thousands of water professionals from over 50 countries. http://www.TheWaterNetwork.org

The Water Network

About The Water Network: Powered by TallyFox, The Water Network is the first Knowledge Network for global water professionals to share best practices, collaborate and build sector intelligence. The network includes members from over 120 countries; it is independent and free to join TheWaterNetwork.org. Follow us on Twitter @WaterNetwork1 or on Facebook TheWaterNetwork 

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