The Growing gap between the policy makers and 'people on the ground'

Maureen Mungai
Started by Maureen Mungai on
03 Oct 2013 at 09:39
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1.       The policy recommendations of the Budapest Water Summit should also seek to simplify the targets by minimizing the use of jargon and terminology that is not easily understood by a layperson.  Ultimately, the people at the grassroots level are tasked with the responsibility of making changes that are in-line goals set out by governments and meetings such as these. Awareness raising measures should be explored to explain the goals and bridge the ever growing gap between the policy makers and the ‘people on the ground’

2.       As Much as water unites, it has a disastrous potential to also divide. For this reason, it is important to have good governance on water especially in areas where there are shared waterways.

3.       Resilience; we should minimize water-related risks and build the resilience of societies and economies by protecting them from shocks. This should be reflected in the Budapest recommendations.


Richard Tembo
While I will be posting some detailed thought on this my immediate response is: Water related development issues should be integrated in and across all sectors. will be posting my full detail soon.
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