Creating new micro and macro, private and public, financing methods

Katalin Czippan
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03 Sep 2013 at 13:28
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23.      There is unfinished business to fulfil the MDG targets on water and sanitation and this will require innovative, inclusive and sustainable financing mechanisms at all levels and especially for the benefit of the poor. Drinking water and sanitation are not alone in this regard and while their needs are different, funding needs of adaptive water resources management should be addressed as well, especially with the expected impacts of global changes that confront humanity.

24.      Often, financial resources are already there, but are difficult to access.  An efficient use of existing financial resources for water would significantly help us achieve our water-related goals as would ease the barriers to access resources that already do exist.  Water underpins many of the other future Sustainable Development Goals.  Without safe drinking water and sanitation and well-managed water resources, food, health, energy and environmental sustainability will progress unnecessarily slowly.  It is a matter of urgency, therefore, to show the importance of water in budget prioritization.

25.      Financial resources are not the only critical resources. Improvements are needed to deliver on investments and financing the capacity of human resources in cost recovery and revenue spending as well. Transition from aid to sustainable service delivery is essential.

26.      Sustainable development is about addressing future and intergenerational equity.  Infrastructure degradation and asset management are to be addressed in this context by equally taking into account the maintenance and restoration of ecosystem services as well as the deterioration costs of those services. Environmental degradation that destroys ecosystems and their services will, by definition, also destroy water services and thus antithetical to the notion of sustainability.

27.      Water is a means to many ends. Investments into water and sanitation will also have multiple benefits outside of water and should integrate sectoral benefits across sectors. One of the most effective ways to improve sustainable development and address poverty eradication, food security, energy security and improved well-being, therefore, is through investment in water and sanitation, where the benefits are multi-sectoral.

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