• Tamas Farkas
    Know-how: Sustainable Agriculture, Project Management, Information Systems
  • Joseph Samuel
    President, United Nations Association of South Sudan
    Know-how: Best Management Practices
  • Kenneth Irvine
    Chair of Aquatic Ecosystems, UNESCO IHE (Institute of Water Education)
    Know-how: Research, Environment, Water Quality Training
  • imam ernawi
    worker, ministry of public works
    Know-how: Green Technology, Government
  • Thomas van Waeyenberge
    Head of the Brussels office and Press Officer, AquaFed - The International Federation of Private Water Operators
    Know-how: Water Utility, Water & Sanitation, Promotion, Government relations, politics and policy, Communications Strategy, Public - Private Partnerships
  • Felix Mutuura
    Deputy Director, Centre for Water Conservation and Management, Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
    Know-how: Water Supply, Hydrology, Groundwater, Integrated Urban Water Management, Water Harvesting
  • olaj zold
    Know-how: Turbine
  • Shahram Khorasanizadeh
    1- Programme Specialist, 2- Secretary General, 1- Regional Centre on Urban Water Management (under the auspices of UNESCO) 2- Iranian Committee on large Dams
    Know-how: Project Management, Drought, Flood Management, Climate Change, Integrated Water Management, Lake Management
  • Ivan Tomka
    research associate, University of Fribourg
    Know-how: Aquatic Ecologist
  • antal szvetnik
    senior counsellor, ret., gov-t, ret-d
    Know-how: Hydrometeorology
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